Green Day asks: “Is Richard Nixon throwing that baby, or am I just really high right now?”

It’s finally here! Billie Joe Armstrong has graced us with his presence on Bill Maher’s show. And what a 21st Century Breakdown it was. If you want the backstory on Billie you can read about it here and here. In short: Jesus of Suburban Hot Topic shoppers and “sunshine patriot” Billie Joe Armstrong was MIA when it comes to politics the other night. The guy who wrote Hulk Green Day Rage rock due to Bush’s failure to close Gitmo said nada about “The One” who is “high” on hopeandchange and even more so on mixed signals. And speaking of high, we now know the secret to public policy success: Gravity Bongs!

Billie Joe Armstrong: One of the hardest things about quitting marijuana at the time—one, I had children—and it was was like…there were these little people that looked like me that were around, so being high was like [glub]! There were always new ways of smoking it all the time, it was like ” hey, try a gravity bong” or “try this thing that has a motor on it that comes out of here…” and I’m like, “I haven’t tried that yet!”

Bill Maher: I have to hang out with you more! What is a gravity bong?

Billie Joe Armstrong: You never had a gravity bong hit before!

Bill Maher: Is that where you’re upside down?

Billie Joe Armstrong: No, you take like a two liter bottle…and you fill this bucket up full of water, and then you put a bowel on top of it and then you stand up and light it and push down and then

the entire two liter bottle or whatever gallon thing you want it goes down and fills up with smoke…and then you bring it back up—oh no it goes the other way around—it goes back up and then you push down and it shoots it straight into your lungs and you’re completely f*cked for a week.

Bill Maher: I didn’t know that.

It’s interesting that the guy who penned brain stew is able to admit that he’s got a bucket filled with it sloshing around in the cavity above his neck—on national television—yet he feels perfectly at ease spouting public policy pronouncements from the microphone (when a Republican is in office).

How can a guy who admits to having been “f*cked up” for a week at a time get up on stage with a straight face and try and convince legions of kids that the worldview he adheres to is the properly charted path the American people should take. How can someone who spent a huge portion of his adult life looking for ways to get high be so cocksure? I don’t know. It’s just sad that during the Bush years Billie thought he was “speaking truth to power,” when in reality all that was coming out of his mouth was stink breath.

What’s worse, with a name like “Green Day” you would think they would have some really great drug-anthems. Billie may have sold millions of albums, but when it comes to drugs he takes a back seat to classics by Bad Ronald.

I’m getting a little depressed with this next generation of liberals. American Idiots like you and me have to school them on the public policy front and knowledge of drug-ditties. Maybe Jason Mattera was right: our generation has a bunch of Obama Zombies littering the landscape, listening to Afroman, high on self-esteem but low on knowledge.

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  1. Douglas (or is it Doug?),

    You should do a post regarding your thoughts on drugs and society. Perhaps Heritage could do a Thursday discussion about the decriminalization, legalization or continuing our current policy on drugs. Since Bill Maher is for the legalization, I am almost instantly against it but the libertarian in me wonders if he has a valid point. (For once.)


  2. Yeah, that’s a tough one. The Student Virtual Think Tanks will eventually cover Heritage’s Leadership for America initiative “Rule of Law,” but I’m not sure when that will be. And it will also depend on what’s in the news at the time. So, for instance, if it broadcast tomorrow I’m sure it would focus on how constitutional it is to for the federal government to force you to buy health insurance. Short answer: It’s not.

    I generally have to keep my blog as separate as possible from work for a host of reasons. If I ever did tackle that subject I’d be solely speaking on my behalf… It’s complicated. I’ll probably save that one for the weekend, because I certain blog posts require a lot more time to accurately convey my point.

    And finally: Doug or Douglas. Either one. Just don’t pull out the “Dougie” on me. Please.

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