I tweeted what I’m about to say long ago, but I think 140 characters simply wasn’t enough for people to really understand what I was talking about: Barack Obama is, for all intents and purposes, Milli Vanilli. Consider the following:

I know there are President Obama fans out there who have read this and, understandably, are livid. However, I think any objective observer looking at the case laid out before us must admit that it’s a pretty

Long lost footage of Barack Obama and Milli Vanilli finally surfaces.

compelling one. Sure, it’s tough to look into the crystal ball and see whether both will have short-lived careers, but after seeing stories like this I can’t help but think the President is going to have a fight on his hands come 2012—especially if someone like Paul Ryan continues to impress. And sure, you can pour over Obama’s current poll numbers and blame it on the rain, but I think the wise choice would be to look at them as a harbinger of things to come— side effects of shoving a really bad bill down the American people’s throat. At least then you can properly strategize for the upcoming election cycles.

Again, I know you don’t want to believe the dream is over (“and I never will forget the day we met…Barack I’m gonna miss you“), but tonight when you crawl under the covers and you’re all by yourself a voice in your head will break the silence, saying: “Girl, you know it’s true.”

Update: In the wake of the midterm elections, Obama-as-one-hit-wonder stories are being thrown about. Check out hotair for its take.


    1. Thanks! I pseudo-agree with you. One man can do a lot of harm, but he can’t bring down a nation. There are 535 members of Congress, and he needed their help to get the bill passed. And then there are the millions of people who voted him into office who deserve a lot of the blame as well. Many of them are hiding under rocks or keeping mum right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that they share some culpability in the making of this mess… And don’t get me started on the Republicans who lost their way and helped create the conditions under which so many could get swept out of office.

      However, because I’m an eternal optimist I think this coming November will be…a wake up call to a lot of people.

  1. I hope your optimism pays off Douglas. I am trying to see a silver lining in all of this. My honest fear is that come Nov. the people will have forgotten just how ignored they were @ March. The spin will be (and is) that things haven’t gone downhill. Things are still ok so it wasn’t so bad.

    Unfortunately, like Hep C. this one is going to kill us in the long run. Even if we don’t know we have it yet. (Also, the country may capsize – inside joke)

    We have an administration who is the epitome of “Moral Relativism” and they will not stop because they believe they are on the “right side of history”. I guess they have to do something to wash the stain of the Civil Rights Act off their hands. Talk about Party Guilt.

    Even worse, they have convinced a large portion of our populous that the ends DO justify the means. Who cares if we can’t pay for it as long as we help the peoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeple in need.

    Is there light at the end of this tunnel or is that a train?

  2. Well, Travis, I’m sure that there were a lot of people who were down in the dumps at the end of the Carter administration…and then we had the Reagan Revolution.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen come November, but I think it’s important to stay positive. Sometimes it’s actually healthy to be angry, but if overall I think if we channel that anger in positive ways we can inspire people to get off their duff do something about the mess we’ve found ourselves in.

    It’s EASY to give up. It’s HARD to plug away, day after day, when you’re tasked with seems to be an impossible mission. Liberals want you to be discouraged and throw your hands up in the air, which seems like an even better reason to steel yourself for a long fight and charge.

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