A friend of mine recently pointed me to a dating website –not for the dating — but for a political blog post that noted what you and I have known for a long time: it’s tough to agree on anything when you believe in nothing. Or, I guess if you were Joy Behar you would claim to believe in everything. Here’s the short of it:

“Yes, a political party that [is] wide-open is probably a more intellectually stimulating organization, and it has a lot more potential power. But bigger base is also just that many more competing viewpoints Democratic politicians must cater to and that many more different viewpoints in play among the actual elected officials themselves.

Also, well over half of the Democratic party’s hull lies

IL-17's Phil Hare: Why are all these webs in my mouth? Oh...that's just Shelob again. My fault.

outside of its upper-right-hand ideological home, implying that you’ve got many groups of people who might tend Democratic, but who have disagreements with the party on particular issues and could defect, should the slant of the party or the country tilt the wrong way.”

First of all, I disagree with the author that conservatives don’t have “intellectually stimulating” debate. However, as I noted in the comments section of a previous post, there is a big difference between “preferences” and “principles.” And it’s there where conservatives have a distinct advantage over liberals because conservatives actually believe in principles and liberals…don’t. They’re multi-cultural moral relativists.

Conservatives believe in things like Free Enterprise, Limited Government, Individual Freedom, Traditional American Values, and a Strong National Defense. Liberals believe musicians who wished for a world without religion and liberal Catholic nuns can “live vote as one.” It doesn’t work. The result is a discombobulated mess  of a political party that needs to cater to all sorts of special interest groups in order to get elected. And, as I said before, it’s why they stress delivery over any adherence to a set of core values. It’s why a guy like Barack Obama—whose autobiography states that people project their hopes and dreams onto him as if he was a blank canvas—gets elected. You need rhetorical wizards in order to weave a word-web strong enough to hold in gay rights activists, labor unions, environmentalists, Catholic nuns, hippies, trial lawyers, grungey-hipster college kids, and Green Day all in one place. Or…a magical spider from Lord of the Rings. Take your pick.

Liberalism: Shelob’s Lair. Only, many of those who are wrapped up in it don’t even know it. My guess is that Democrats from Illinois pull webbing from their teeth quite often.

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