It’s interesting that the folks at hotair have allowed the upcoming Marmaduke movie into the mix of  a “worst movie ever” debate. Why, it was only weeks ago that I facetiously mentioned Whoopi Goldberg’s Theodore Rex non-Oscar nod as one of the reasons I wasn’t inclined to watch the telecast. I think that has to be in the top ten, for sure.

But what wasn’t mentioned in Allah’s post was the casting of George If I insult you in Spanish it’s okay, if you insult my lackluster career in English you’re a racist” Lopez. Or was that George “If you’re liberal, just sit on the couch with the ladies of The View and they’ll laugh at anything you say” Lopez? Regardless, I wonder if it’s worth exploring the kind of weird cosmic nexus between some of the worst movies ever made and liberal critics of conservative commentators.

Behar to Lopez: How does it feel to be part of the club that will always have a job, regardless of past career choices, simply because we're able to screech liberal epithets with panache?

It’s always struck me as interesting how members of the entertainment community with embarrassing career track records marred with cinematic skid marks have the gall to question anyone’s judgement. If Sarah Palin became a Hollywood producer tomorrow and suggested George Lopez play a cat in California named “Carlos” with an over-the-top hispanic accent (who would get batted around by a character voiced by the lilly white Owen Wilson), I’m sure he would throw a fit. Jennifer Lopez would probably have something to say and, if we were lucky, John I speak Spanish too, but I was only relegated to saying “Obama” while mugging for the camera” Leguizamo would have an opportunity to unleash some (manufactured) self-righteous anger. Although, these days, we don’t see very much of John… Perhaps work just doesn’t come around as often with The Pest on the old resume?

It’s okay John, just wait until the next Republican president comes around, sound off in an incoherent Youtube video worthy enough to get airtime with Keith Olbermann, and you’ll have a job in no time.

Will you take me, John Leguizamo, more seriously if I appear in a Spanish-language television spot and only say, "Obama"? Please? I need a job.

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