Mark Steyn, one of my very few man-crushes, elucidates what the country seems to know subconsciously: Barack Obama and a Democrat-led Congress have treated the United States economy like a Willie Wonka candy factory without a care in the world as to what happens when it

blows up in the kids’ faces. So now the American people must decide: do they put a stop to this, or do they turn into singing, dancing Oompa Loompas around Barack “Augustus Gloop” Obama?

Perhaps the saddest part of this whole health care debacle is highlighted by the President’s Orwellian Facebook status, and the “fans” who actually believe it:

“To the untold millions who knocked on doors and made phone calls, who organized and mobilized out of a firm conviction that change in this country comes not from the top down, but from the bottom up: this moment is possible because of you,” (White House intern assigned to pretend he’s Barack Obama on Facebook through pre-approved updates—but only after making coffee for everyone).

Nothing about the policies Democrats in Congress or Barack Obama put forward is based in a “bottom up” philosophy. In fact, I would say that the President is unabashedly an advocate of Thomas R. Dye’s Top Down Policy Making. Being an “educated man” (who still hasn’t released his transcripts, unless I’m mistaken), I’m sure that the President is familiar with Dye, who argue’s that it isn’t YOU who drives public policy making in the United States, but the “elite” (i.e., Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, President Obama, like-minded lobbyists and think-tanks, etc.). From Health Care to Cap-and-Trade to Education, all liberal policies are based around the premise that only a small group of elite, smell-free “intellectuals” can save us with their ideas (and when those ideas fail, it’s always because the money-hose wasn’t turned on high enough).

The American people have a choice to make: They can either lie down and take it…or they can fight back against Harry “Scut Farkus” from A Christmas Story Reid.

Your pain is a white ball of healing light…I don’t think so…this is your life, good to the last drop…doesn’t get any better than this…this is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time…only after disaster can we be resurrected…you are not a democrat energy policy…you are not your bowel cancer…you are not a democrat education policy… you have to realize that some day you will die…until you know that, you are useless. I say: DELIVER YOURSELF FROM OBAMACARE.

Welcome to life after government-run health care. If this is your first night–you have to fight.

Harry “Scut Farkus” Reid thinks you won’t fight back. Prove him wrong.

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