Barack Obama is making final push to convince Democrats that the proven health care failures of other countries are “bound to be true” for the American people. Today, the President quotes Lincoln, which is ironic since government dependency is the new mind-forged manacles -modern day American slavery – of countless masses.

The President claims Democrats will:

“Do it for the people who are really scared right now…because of an accident or ailment they’re about to lose their house…do it for the American people; they’re the ones looking for action right now.”

Besides asking about the people who will be really scared tomorrow when it’s time to pay the piper and they’re trillions of dollars in debt, I guess the million dollar question for the kids is: What are we fighting for? What do we believe? (And why do I keep linking to music by Yellowcard this morning?) When Barack Obama rolls up his sleeves and hits campaign mode, our suspension of

The Federal Government: Convincing people to slip on their mind-forged manacles, willingly, for centuries.

disbelief is apparently supposed to be heightened so that any soaring vagueness cloaked in the claim the American people support him, is true. What strikes me as odd in this case is that this isn’t campaign season, he has a record we can evaluate, and the American people are not happy with him. The only reason to continue pushing forward is if you adhere to the What’s the Matter with Kansas? mentality: The rubes are too stupid to know that liberal policies are good for them!

Conservatives don’t think the people are “rubes.” The free-market mentality dictates that you must believe that millions of people making millions of decisions and transactions every day, in the aggregate, are making wiser choices than 535 “rubes” in Washington, detached from Main Street and surrounded by full-time staff ego-feeders, cocktail party circuits where Sean Connery clones blindly state “You’re The Man Now, Dog!, and isolation from criticism turns you into a Congressional Homer Simpson.

If Democrats are going to pass their Health Care monstrosity for people “right now,” then conservatives are blocking it for the American people of tomorrow. They’re blocking it for kids and grandkids and future generations that shouldn’t have to be burdened with soul-crushing debt and a declining standard of living. They’re blocking it simply because the myopic, me-me-me mentality of liberal Democrats and the Barack Obama “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” delusion (more akin to narcissistically lathering each other in ego-foam spilling out their mouths) creates incentives and outcomes anathema to the intentions of the public policy.

No matter what happens in the coming days, conservatives have a responsibility to future generations to make things right. And for the kids, let this be your Wake Up Call.

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