American and Howard University Students’ Obama Hangover Sadder Than George Clinton (or Gary Shider) followers in a Diaper.

It turns out the kids at American and Howard University are not all right, (or if you prefer, all right).

“[Funk the War] is youth and students coming together for a mobile dance party to show that we’re in a “bad romance” with the Obama administration and the U.S. government,” said Brian Menifee, a sophomore at Howard University who helped organize the event.

Is anyone other than these clowns surprised that individuals who would title their event “Funk the War” are also gullible enough to believe a guy who makes Youtube Diplomacy a serious building block of his foreign-policy house (of cards)? We’ve all seen how it’s working out for him…

And is anyone other than your friendly neighborhood conservative and his amazing friends surprised that the same liberal kiddies who claim to “support the troops” have resorted to the ol’ tried-and-true  “show them you love them by smashing in their windows with yellow paint cans,” valentine?

Protesters were shouting, “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” and started to go into another chant when the sound of shattering glass stopped them. A large yellow splatter of paint then appeared on one of the windows of the recruitment center.

I guess this is to be expected by the geniuses who hone their foreign policy chops by listening to sunshine patriots like Billie Joe Armstrong, Sum 41, NOFX, and other faux-intellectual artists that lace their lyrics with hopeandchange vagueness high on self-righteousness and low on specifics.

During graduate school (at American University) I tried to tell the kids they would be left feeling unsatisfied with the snake oil President Obama was selling.

Now that you’re down from your “day dream high,” how about taking a second look at conservatism? Or just smash in another recruitment window… Who’s the “American Idiot” again, Billie Joe? I can wait to see the temper tantrums when this healthcare boondoggle blows up in their face, either through electoral losses…or decreased access and quality down the road.

Next time you fools put on a “funk” protest, at least channel a little George Clinton. Then I can watch it all from a Five Guys and ask, “Do Fries Go With That Shake?”

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that Google image searching for George Clinton actually provided me with an image of aging P-Funk All Star Gary Shider (who has collaborated with Clinton on numerous occasions). Sorry for the error. I was busy taking orders from my Jewish overlords and made a sloppy mistake. I hope my liberal critics can now rest easy before they attack another recruiter’s office with paint cans and Ward Churchill-inspired rhetoric.


  1. More proof of how Neo-Con morons like yourself scoff at facts. Forget the fact that people like you take your marching orders from AIPAC and the like ilk. You can’t even get your half-witted references to funk icons right. The person in the photo you have listed is NOT George Clinton. That is Garry Shider. George does not wear a diaper. Looks like you are the sad one here neo-con. You can’t even get your “pop-culture drop kicks” right.

    1. Zounds! Google Image Search Failed me. I’m sorry I don’t have a library of George Clinton images on hand to pull from or that I couldn’t tell one aging P-funk All Star from the other.

      Regardless, the only thing that is sad is when liberals fall back on “neo con” whenever they can’t refute an argument.

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