When Iran isn’t busy killing its own people or sending Ahmadinejad around the world to deny the existence of gay people, it’s busy moving ahead with its nuclear program.

Usually, we only get the standard screw you to the United Nations in diplomat-speak, but everyone once-in-awhile you get a story like this, that really highlights the extent to which nutcase mullahs will go for their “peaceful” nuclear program.

All of this begs the question: What were the kids thinking when they voted for a guy who thinks he can win over a religious police state that monitors your every move on the internet, deems you an enemy of God, and then kills you?

And why do people continue to have faith in the United Nations when it perpetually demonstrates that it’s one big joke? You would have thought that they learned a thing or two after United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441…but I guess not. And why would they? The current president thinks George Bush would have succeeded with the world’s dictators and thugs if only he used a little more Youtube diplomacy.

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