Christopher Buckley needs to stop this Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed bout with Megan McCain for liberal cocktail party circuit, pet conservative, undisputed champion of the world.

Buckley plays the quick and nimble Apollo, albeit a bizzaro Apollo without the charisma or goodwill (you know it would be cool to see Buckley thrown into the ring with Ivan Drago, provided someone threw in the towel a few seconds earlier…)

Meghan plays uncoordinated upstart without much of an education but a heart of gold, albeit without the hard-knocks upbringing or Balboa work ethic (somehow I don’t see her going to Russia to train anytime soon).

Either way, here’s the million dollar question: Why do these two seem to exist primarily to air the conservative movement’s disagreements and dirty laundry? The liberals who love them on camera and in print loath them in reality. Hacks like Arianna Huffington need all the help they can get, which is why they jump at the opportunity to leverage Meghan’s insecurities manifested in weird claims about Twitter followers or Buckley’s desire to keep attending parties where people say “Harvard” while thinking Haaaarvard.

Sure, Meghan’s intellectual circles include Whoopie “It wasn’t rape-rape” Goldberg, while Buckley’s includes men and women of NRO prerequisite educations, but their blathering is equally deleterious to the conservative movement.

If Buckley had an issue with leading conservatives and his cousin, Brent Bozell, signing The Mount Vernon Statement, he has the resources to take issue with them privately. If Meghan McCain is concerned about the future of conservatism, there are plenty of venues available to her to have discussions with tomorrow’s leaders today.

If they want to continue currying favor with liberal media clowns and “intellectuals” that’s their prerogative, but bloggers have every right to rhetorically go Clubber Lang on them.

Does this post scare Arianna? I hope not. I’m really one big cuddly Thunderlips.

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