It’s been some time since Green Day used anti-Americanism as a vehicle to fill their pockets “bravely” stood up to George Bush and single handedly saved the nation.  Some might be confused as to how the same guy who saved the First Amendment from Bush and Co. did so when his own definition of free speech mirrors Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

Word leaked out that they were making a rock opera. “I looked on the message board,” says Armstrong, “and some kids thought we were crazy. It’s like, ‘Fuck it, take the message board down,’ (Rolling Stone Magazine).

Don’t worry about it. The fact that Billie Joe Egoweak Armstrong turns into a Communist China censorship cop in the face of pimply criticism has nothing to do with his ability to liberate a nation from redneck, racist, homophobic bigots.

What made Billie Joe so “brave” back in the day? Apparently, wanting to choke people he disagreed with politically:

“…frontman BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG would throttle US President GEORGE W BUSH if the two were left alone together – and he’d enjoy doing it.”

Like the first example, don’t let Armstrong’s tinctures of real life dictators, despots, and the their sadistic offspring fool you. He’s a patriot, which this blog intends to demonstrate.

For instance, have you heard about Green Day’s new rock opera lampooning the Obama administration for not closing Guantanamo Bay? Have you read the lyrics for “American Idiot II”, in which Armstrong goes full-anthem over Obama’s tacit approval of torture, Cheney-style? And have you heard the chord arrangement that screams Hulk-Green rage over our current War-monger in Chief?

No? Well, truth be told…neither have I.

Maybe he’s working on a musical to Chol-hwan Kang’s haunting portrayal of life inside North Korea’s modern day gulags in Aquariums of Pyongyang, but something inside says “don’t hold your breath.”

Billie Joe Armstrong: sunshine patriot. Somewhere, Thomas Paine is nodding his head in agreement.

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  1. If Obama is so much like Bush, what’s your problem?

    I don’t suppose YOU are one those those nimrods who thinks Obama is a terrorist sympathizer. Oh, no. That couldn’t possibly be so, could it? Because that might mean you’re also one of the tools accusing Obama of being some sort of ultra-leftist open-border Marxist who SOMEHOW seems to be a huge disappointment to liberals at the same time.

    The right has gone totally schizoid. They never could keep their stories straight, but the last couple of years have been a real spectacle.

    Billy Joe has more true patriotism in his little finger than all the flag-waving Ground Zero nut-cases combined.

  2. I find it interesting that everything you insinuate I am is refuted by a multitude of blog posts that show I’m not “schizoid” at all. In fact, perhaps one of the reasons you’re so upset is that I make a lot of sense, and that the hypocrisy and selective outrage by bands like Green Day is so obvious it’s painful.

    What’s a hard core fan like you to do when the creator of anti-Bush rock operas clams up in the face of hopeandchange (one word) that wasn’t of the “changey nature” you thought it would be?

    Do you acknowledge that perhaps George Bush wasn’t nearly the monster Green Day made him out to be, or do you double down on the “patriotism” of guys like Billie? You obviously made your choice. Good luck with that.

  3. Do you honestly think American Idiot was just an album that is anti-bush and nothing else? have you even listened to it? Obviously not if this is the kind of crap you’re saying about it. Further more, What exactly is your point here? The only thing I get from this post is your pissed because maybe American Idiot spoke to you in a why you didn’t like, you were offended because you my friend are an American Idiot.

    1. Poor Christine. You’re trying so hard to convince yourself my blog post was about something other than the blatant hypocrisy of guys like Billie, who ranted and raved about Bush for years, and then suddenly went silent as Obama continued many of the same policies. Perhaps Bush wasn’t as bad as Green Day made him out to be? Perhaps national security is more complicated than Billie “I do gravity bongs” Joe Armstrong is willing to admit?

      I never once said it was just about Bush. Nice try. I own the album. I like it. But Billie Joe is a hypocrite, who made money off anti-Americanism. It’s just sad that girls like you are either blind to it, or unwilling to acknowledge the truth. Brandon Flowers of The Killers took Billie to the woodshed on this point. Is he an “American Idiot” too?

      Unless you have something other than ad hominem attacks then you can run along to Hot Topic where no one will challenge you.



    2. Yes Billie ranted about bush for years, yes he was silent as Obama continued on with same policies. Maybe he was tired of being knocked on with critism.
      I know it’s not fair to compare, but Billie Joe went out there and convinced millions of people agree with him on his politcal views through his music. He’s obviously a musical genius.

      Green Day as a band, never really cared too much for money, they cared more for their fans. Billie dropped out of highschool because he knew Green Day was where his heart was at, and to this day, hasn’t lost his passion for music or for his band.

      Billie Joe would often say “this song is not anti American, it’s anti war!” befor he played the song holiday. I could easily say that he did not agree with the war that George Bush started, but there are many conspiricies on the message Billie was trying to send with American Idiot, but only he himself will truly know what it meant. We all have our own beliefs and Billie was simply sharing his beliefs.

    3. First of all, American Idiot is just not ranting about Bush and his policies but things of that nature. Yes he supported Obama,DURING THE ELECTION but who says that he supported his policies during his presidency. Basically, you dont know what the f*** you are talking about.

    4. I agree with you 100%. Quite honestly, I didn’t even GET the point of this blog. You are one of the only sane people I’ve seen so far on this post… so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Billie Joe Armstrong IS a Great musician.
    u’re doing right billie with ‘American Idiot” album it’s like a wake up call for people to not being blinded by the lies, not anymore . Just keep up the good work, Gergeus,,,!!!!!! dont worry bout these people sayin!!!

  5. “Yes he supported Obama,DURING THE ELECTION but who says that he supported his policies during his presidency. Basically, you dont know what the f*** you are talking about,” (Anonymous, lost and confused Green Day Fan).

    One day I’ll compile enough lost and confused Billie Joe comments to put t hem into a book. Can’t wait. I’m still amused by the person who posted as “Sunshine Patriot”, clearly oblivious as to the origin or meaning of the phrase. Sigh…

  6. Dear blogger your the perfect example of what the American idiot stands for.
    an all American girl.

    1. As always, the insults of anonymous, liberal Green Day fans who have nothing to add to the conversation are always welcome here. It says more about you than you’ll ever know.

      PS: You’re not that hidden. I have your IP address.

    2. Im not trying to hide. Nothing to hide. people are too ignorant to understand peace.

  7. Your nothing but the perfect example of a dumb ass. Yes your untitled to you bias options of someone. With more money then you. I bet your that hard working American who just can’t seem to get enough. You work and work with wanting more to show. You loom around with greed in your eyes. Filled with hate never getting enough. Maybe Americans like you will one day see that money, power, things you can’t take with you. Only what one stands for and shares with others will be what stands strong in the end. After we are gone. Billie Joe an amazing talent man speaks human emotions threw his music unlike any other person, or famous persons known. He I believe has done an amazing job at finding who he is, what he believes, and stands his ground for his beliefs. That dear blogger most people never find. Some people will have more money then you, some people will be worse off then you. As far as Billie Joe filling his pockets, what about all the politicians filling their pockets of totalling 50% of an average mans income in taxes? I wouldn’t be worrying about anyone. fillings their pockets (greed ywriter. )
    Stand up for peace
    stand for coexistence.

    is. just not right. Yet as you sit and watch your nightly news your proud to be an American?

    1. Billie sure “stands up” for what he believes in … provided a Republican is in office. He was once pretty outspoken out Guantanamo Bay — but not any longer. He once cared about civilian deaths in the Middle East, but yet now that Barack Obama has actually exponentially increased the use of attack drones Billie sits silent.

      You think I work for “greed”? You don’t know Americans. I work a lot because I LOVE my job. Work is a virtue. I do what I love and the hours melt away.

      I’m glad that you realize that politicians line their pockets with someone else’s money. It’s too bad guys like Billie advocate for a bigger government, so that those same politicians can enrich themselves (and their corporate cronies) even more. You just made the case for limited government and didn’t even know it. Congrats.

      Hate? I don’t hate anyone. In fact, I’d love nothing more than to have a good, long conversation with Mr. Armstrong and explain to him why he’s wrong on so many issues ($17 trillion dollars of debt is a lot of money, and it’s his kids who will get stuck with the bill).

      Yes, I’m proud to be an American. I live in a country where guys like me can leave home with $100 dollars to their name at 18 years old and through hard work, determination and help from God they can end up in a dream job doing what makes them happy. And, unlike Billie Joe Armstrong, I don’t go around the globe making money on anti-American sentiment.

    2. Im enjoying your views on this man Billie Joe. I don’t know him personally. I only know what seems to be what he used to stand for. Lately all I could find is his stand against global warming. ( during my few hours of searching last night before your last response. And some animal rights, which I hope people would also stand for. I agree America does give people the
      Right to work hard, and have nice ” things” . When you get your pay check at the end of the pay period, are you proud to say that the taxes you provide the government provide your government with private jets, private air strips, houses that could fit 10 or more ppl in. Trips, vacations, drugs. Is this not right in your eyes? What about the disabled. And I’m not talking about 400 lb heafers living off of the government because there to fat. ( that’s another thing that discusts me. ) why are those people on food stamps? I dear blogger believe in freedom. I just don’t believe in greed, the lust, the hate, . You standing against hate I like that in anyone. It just seems that the system is wrong. I know i cannot change it, neither can multi millionaires, I can only change the moments I’m in. Except the beginning and end of everything. Look at each day, and live each day as if it was the first and the last.

      rthAcomments of the ignorant ( of how he looks in the mug shot you proved ed) . It just seems most Americans lose the love and p

    3. Hi, Doug-

      First of all, thanks so much for your service in the Army. My brother is currently serving in the Army, and two of my other brothers are captains in the Marines. So, I understand that you’re upset with Mr. Armstrong for the views he has expressed towards America and towards President Bush. I think President Bush was a wonderful president, a real class act, unwaveringly respectful and supportive of our military. I respect and honor him especially for his commitment to our troops, and I certainly think he was a much better leader than Mr. Obama (talk about an American idiot!)

      I agree, there is a disconnect between Mr. Armstrong’s expressed outrage over what went on under President Bush and the destruction of this country that is going on under Obama. Does this hypocrisy grate on me? You bet.

      The fact remains, however, that Green Day produces really good music, and they put on a really good show. Additionally, on a quick side note, I’ve always loved that they emulate strong, independent women in their songs and have never written a “woman-bashing” song, which sets them apart from practically every other rock band on the face of the earth. My main point though is that I enjoy their music, I think that they write extremely good lyrics (aside from the political messages), and they are one of the most amazing live bands you will ever see. And that’s why I buy their merchandise and go to their shows. Not because I agree with them politically, but because I simply enjoy their music and the energy and the passion that they put into their work. Also, they are FANTASTIC to their fans, very respectful and appreciative.

    4. Thanks for reading, LastoftheAmericanGirls, and thanks to your family and their military service!

      I wrote a few posts on Green Day (pointing out their political hypocrisy, of course), but I believe in one of them I mention that I have American Idiot and that it’s a good album. They know how to make catchy tunes, that’s for sure.

      In the grand scheme of things, my post was aimed more at the Green Day fans who take what Billie says as the gospel, without ever really stopping to think, “Hey, maybe he’s a good musician … but has no clue what he’s talking about when it comes to public policy.”

      Again, I really appreciate that you took the time to read and comment. Thanks again.

    5. Right on, Doug. I’ve had many a political argument (just for kicks and giggles) with other Green Day fans, and it always blows my mind that the linch-pin all their arguments hinge on is the ramblings of Mr. Armstrong. I’ve had people tell me that I should forsake my political views and commitment to this country because “Billie wouldn’t agree with me.” It’s really quite sad that these people can’t seem to form a coherent thought of their own.

    6. It always blows my mind how there are people who think that because someone is a great musician that somehow that translates into a mastery of, say, basic economics… Usually kids grow out of that, but Green Day fans are an interesting bunch, to be sure.

    7. Dude, who gives a crap. He’s his own person, making a living. You should be fighting against Obama since you seem to hate him so much. Billie Joe Armstrong didn’t just get rich off of American Idiot. Their album Dookie was an even bigger success. And guess what!? That album was about masterbation and drugs. He is a song writer writing about how he feels. And at that time, at the right moment, he wrote about the right thing and everybody loved it. That’s that.

    8. I don’t hate anyone. But I do love your comment, for so many reasons …

      I also never said that American Idiot was the reason he’s rich. I’m not sure where you got that from. I said he made money off of anti-Americanism. He did. I also exposed his hypocrisy. Maybe you don’t “give a crap,” but others do.

      If I was a betting man, I’d say you’re probably one of those guys who railed against Bush and now sits silent while Obama crafts legal memos on why it’s cool if he drones American citizens.

  8. I’ve not listened to a whole song on this album, it’s so bad. I can’t stand BJ’s nasal singing; he needs an adenoidectomy. Maybe the surgeon who gave him his lobotomy will do it at a discount. Oh, that’s right, Green Day doesn’t care about money, just pleasing their fans.
    How bold of this rock group to actually be against war! Only every rock band in the world, and every Hollywood denizen is against war. Even the Dixie Chicks hate war! But, hey, they never got nuked or gassed or infected with WMDs, so let’s pile on Bush and those Rednecks.

  9. I’m not going to spell check this. bear with me.

    I absolutely love how stupid this is. Its jolly good fun. But for some reason i can’t help but put my two cents in. So we have pretentious guy who wrote the original nonsense. Then we have the people who agree with him. Then we have the purple who just like the music green day makes. Now, here’s where we get the ridiculous confusion that everyone seems to have.

    1. Green day has political veiws. A lot of those go into their music. But do you think that EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL WORD IS ABOUT POLITICS? Of course not. That would make you an idiot.
    2. (pretentious guy) you are obviously one of the annoying republicans that makes all other republicans look like holy rolling, judgemental, i can do no wrong assholes who only supports themselves and people who think 100 percent like you. Which is fine.
    3. Before you start accusing me of whatever political views i have, i think you should know, i too am a republican. Just not the kind that makes other pele puke in their mouths.(most of the time)
    4. Do you think its possible that greenday makes music for themselves and their fans? not pretentious assholes who feel the need to rag everyone who doesn’t think like them? Because obviously they didn’t make that music for your enjoyment.
    5. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. I don’t agree with some of their views either but they still make good music. Not everything is about politics. Unless you make it that way by being a giant douche.

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