How is a blogger supposed to go to bed when news breaks that Ashton Kutcher is putting on his wacky diplomat hat and hanging with vodka swilling KGB geriatrics?

Apparently the guy who tweets about his bowel movements is going to educate the Russians on how new technology can bring us closer together. I suppose this is an extension of the Obama administration’s Reset Button Diplomacy, whereas the guys who killed Alexander Litvinenko with radioactive isotopes are supposed to be wowed by the creator of Punk’d. The truth: When Russians “Punk” you, then you wind up dead in your apartment with bullet holes in your chest. Just ask Anna Politkovskaya. Oh, wait…she’s dead.

What is it with Hollywood? They pledge allegiance to Barack Obama and suddenly they think they can go toe to toe with a guy who’s killing tigers when he gets tired of having humans whacked for asking too many questions? Good Lord.

Please Ashton, just stick to crossing your legs on Ellen’s couch while making baboon calls for women my mom’s age.

Update: Butterfly Effect Actor: Chaos Theory Meets Ashtonian Idiocy.

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