Eric Hoffer once said that we run fastest and farthest when we run from ourselves. And so I think it’s fitting that Keith Olbermann essentially admitted he’s a racist on national television when he said:

“…having now been [a white man] for 51 years, I am permitted to say I believe prejudice and discrimination still sit defeated, dormant, or virulent somewhere in the soul of each white man in this country….Discrimination, I’ve always thought, is a perversion of one of the most necessary instincts of survival. As a child, put your hand on a red hot stove, and you’ll quickly learn to discriminate against red hot stoves. But at that age, you’re also told you need to beware of, say, black people, and you will forever have to spend your life having to fight against wiring created in your brain for no reason other than to reflect someone else’s prejudice.

So the question is: Who told you to fear black people, Keith? Was it your mom? Your dad? Please, tell us. Because until we know we can’t accurately dissect why he seems to think disagreeing with a gay man is synonymous with racism. Perhaps I’m weird, but I don’t think changing the definition of a word I’m not happy with is a “right.”  And perhaps I’m weird, but when Keith asserts that latent white racism manifests itself in the modern world via hatred towards gay people I can’t help but wonder if all those black and hispanic folks voting down gay marriage in California were white people in disguise. Or Dana Carvey clones. Because we all know that The Master of Disguise was an evil, evil movie…

Sadly, in Keith Olbermann’s mind we’re not disagreeing with the President over the principles that made this country great. How long will it be before The Mount Vernon manifesto prompts Keith to start using it as proof the Tea Party movement is filled with racists because the Founding Fathers (gasp!) owned slaves? Never mind that slavery was around in all cultures throughout all periods of time — and yet it was Western Civilization and the men and women who sought to live up to its highest ideals that ended slavery.   Did I mention Christianity’s role in ending slavery in the United States? Perhaps a blog post for another time.

The truth is, Keith Olbermann knows he’s now a Jon Stewart punch line. He’s like the blackjack player on a serious losing streak that freaks out and bets all his chips at once. Keith would not be a member of my wolf pack. Although I can think of another aspect of this movie that fits Olbermann nicely. Was that too Rahm Emanuel-ish? It’s shock value time for Keith, only these days it’s not shocking. It’s just sad.

I would welcome anyone, of any color, at a Tea Party rally who believes in Free Enterprise, Limited Government, Individual Freedoms, Strong National Defense, and Traditional American values. I don’t concern myself with the color of skin of the person standing next to me. But then again, I never had people telling me to “beware of black people.” Again I wonder: Who said that to Keith?

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