It’s no surprise that Seth Macfarlane is liberal. So it should
shock no one he went for a Palin family Down Syndrome “joke” in a recent episode.

It’s self-evident that Macfarlane is of the same mean-spirited mold of Bill Maher, as explained in my previous post. At this point in time I think it’s better to concentrate on what, to me, is more interesting about his motivations for comical cheap shots: it’s all he has. He’s an intellectual light weight.
Anyone who has watched Team America: World Police knows this. Or South Park, for that matter. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have had their share of run ins with the Political Correctness Police, but they’ve always used their comedy as a vehicle to deliver a broader message about American culture.

Deep down Seth Macfarlane knows South Park dropped an atomic bomb on his charade with Cartoon Wars. Throwing out random Full House references for the sake of referencing Bob Saget is only funny for so long. How do you relate to your audience when that gets old if you’re incapable of astute observations on the culture as a whole? Partisan attacks on individuals or political parties!

Congratulations, Seth, you’re able to string along the lowest common denominator from Keith Olbermann’s audience by referencing Gary Coleman and the Republican Party in the same sentence. You’re a genius.

As weightlifter Ronnie Coleman would say: “Light weight!”

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