Bill Maher is a sad human being. I suppose it’s nice that he gets paid to spew the soul sewage that’s created when narcissism eats away your insides, but it’s still somewhat of a downer that we live in a society that tolerates it.

His latest rant is based on a false premise that used to really bother me when I was enlisted as a mechanized infantryman years ago: soldiers are all dimwitted fools duped into service.

Are there idiots in infantry units? Sure. But then again, there are idiots on television (i.e., Bill Maher). I joined the military because my dad was a West Point grad (that place Chris Matthews calls “the enemy camp”), because I wanted to see the world, and because I identified with the values the US Army instills in young men: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

College campuses are filled with Bill Maher wannabes in tweed jackets (e.g., Ward Churchill), and it’s their world view that first prompted me to look into conservatism. The sad thing is, impressionable college kids often don’t realize many of their professors are empty vessels filled with liberal self-loathing. They’re inculcated with drivel because not everyone has military experience or relatives with military experience to draw upon.

Conservatives have largely ceded popular culture and academia to the liberalism of Cornel West and young people who write songs about his “progressive” politics (Let’s not get into the lyrics “peace by any means necessary”…) So when posters in newsbusters’ comments section ask: “Why are you giving this guy exposure?” the reply should be, “because we’re articulating how sick and twisted and (dare I say it?), pernicious to the future well-being of the country his ideas are.” Ignoring the liberal loons at Hollywood’s bully pulpit left cultural cesspools littering the country. It’s time to confront them head on.

Thank God for Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.


  1. It is disgusting what this guy gets away with.

    How do you propose that we confront them head on? I have taken to using Facebook as my soapbox in getting my ideas and beliefs out there but I often feel it is not enough. I doubt I am the only one.

    1. I would say talking with friends and family is a great start, Travis. Those are people who respect and love you, so your thoughts and feelings carry weight. I think being well-read is important as well. Read the best and brightest in conservative thought. Then hone your arguments and sharpen them so you can attack any public policy idea from different angles.

      If you’re dealing with a social conservative, you’ll know the moral arguments for “x” position. If you’re dealing with a fiscal conservative, you can highlight the economics behind “x.”

      I think being vocal (but not annoyingly so), over time will have great results. Try and INSPIRE people to act. When you talk passionately about conservatism, you’ll prompt others to act as well.

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